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Our mission is to empower girls from all backgrounds to create their own stories by developing a limitless universe of play. All with the purpose to inspire free thinking, creativity, and self-expression to give kids the freedom to be kids.

Club members can find the latest information on what is happening with the OG Club, and have fun with interactive activities. Enter competition and share their latest OG adventures through the Heart Mail. Find out ways they too can be involved with helping within their community.

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We are an extraordinary generation of girls, and we have a story to tell. Our Generation is unlike any that has come before. We’re helping our families learn to recycle, holding bake sales and even helping out those who as less fortunate. We’re helping our little sister learn to read and even making sure the new kid at school feels welcome. All that and we still find time to play hopscotch and sports. To catch butterflies, climb a tree, do cartwheels at the park and laugh with our friends. You know, to be kids. This is a whole lot bigger than an 18 doll. Our Generation isn’t just about a doll or a book or even a fantastic miniature tea set. It’s about girls growing up together and creating the narrative of an extraordinary generation. And parents who understand the pressures of being a girl more than any generation of parents before them. This is Our Generation. And this is our club.

About Our Generation Club

Everything we do stems from our commitment for safe fun and play. We believe parental involvement is critical in keeping children safe online and we work in partnership with parents to support them in prohibiting third-party advertising within the club website and employing on-site moderators who monitor online activity. Member Safety

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Online Safety Tips

  • Never give anyone personal information, such as your real name, location, age, phone number, school.

  • Do not share your password with anyone except your parents or guardians.

  • Tell your parents/guardians if someone asks you for personal information online, or says something that makes you uncomfortable.

  • Keep he computer in a common area and supervise internet use.

  • Create a family contract for internet use.

  • Teach your children how to stay safe online.

  • Research and visit the sites your children like.

  • Use parental controls and software.

Terms and Conditions

It is understood that if you are under 13 years of age you have checked and received your parents/guardians consent before signing up.

  • This OG Club / Database applies to New Zealand residents only.

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In the terms and conditions:

a)  membership subscription refers to access to

b)  registration form refers to signing up for email newsletters and extra online club benefits.

c)  we or us means Sweetpea Marketing, distributor of Our Generation in New Zealand; and you means the member completing the membership subscription and/or registration form.

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