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Our Generations story is made up of a bajillion individual ones.  They’re written in our diaries, on our faces, in our dreams and sometimes in a book.  Here is a preview so take a look and discover some stories that might be a lot like your own.

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In The Limelight

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The first day of December starts out like any other day— until Audrey-Ann® passes by the Kids Emporium on her walk to school. There, in the store window, is the most beautiful dress she’s ever laid eyes on. The second she sees it, Audrey-Ann imagines herself wearing it to the Christmas Celebration—the biggest event of the school year. No doubt about it, she thinks, it will be the prettiest dress at the party.

When Audrey-Ann’s mother reminds her that she already has a perfectly lovely dress, she suggests Audrey-Ann spend the money she earned raking leaves. Now Audrey-Ann has a decision to make. Should she use the money to buy the dress in the window? Or should she use it to purchase the craft supplies she needs for making her family’s Christmas gifts?
And that’s not the only problem on her hands. There’s the matter of a classmate who’s always in competition with Audrey-Ann, the Poetry Contest she’s determined to win, and a whole lot of snowstorms (which means a whole lot of shoveling)!

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