Make Your Own OG Mask



Card (Optional)

Ribbon OR Elastic


Colouring Pens (Optional)

Glitter (Optional)

Glue (Optional)

Feathers (Optional)

Paint (Optional)



Step 1 – Make the Base

Measure your face from your left-hand side temple right-hand side temple.

Measure your face from your nose to the top of your forehead (or a little higher if you want to add ears).

Draw a rectangle based on those two measurements on a piece of paper.

Cut out the rectangle.  This is the base of your mask. 


Step 2 – Design the Mask Shape

Fold the paper in half widthwise so that the shorter edges match up.

Draw half of your desired mask shape onto the folded rectangle, with the centre of the mask aligned with the folded edge making sure your mask fills the space to the top and bottom of the rectangle and to the edges.

Allow a space for your nose but making the mask curve upward at the bottom where the fold is.  You can always hold the mask up to your face and trace your nose if you want to make sure you get it right.

For mask design inspiration below are some simple Cat Mask – you could do any animal you like.


Step 3 – Make your eye holes

Measure the distance between the inside corners of your eyes, then divide that measurement by 2.

Draw the eye hole that distance from the folded edge of your rectangle.  You can hold the mask upto your face again to check the holes will be big enough.

The eye hole can be any shape you want, but an almond or cat eye shape would work the best.

If you make the eyes a little bit bigger than your own it will make the mask more comfortable to wear.


Step 4 – Cut the mask out

Cut the mask out making sure you include the eye holes.

Unfold your mask it and check that it fits just right.


Step 5 – Choose your paper

You may want to keep the paper you’ve used to measure out your mask – if so, move onto step 6.

But, if you want to use a stronger paper or card then trace your mask onto the new paper/card, and then cut it out.


Step 6 – Decorate your mask

OG Kids, this is where you let your unique designs go wild.  Paint, Pens, Glitter, Glue, Feathers!  It’s all up to you.


Step 7 – Finishing Your Mask

Punch a hole on each side of your mask.

Ribbon – Use two pieces of ribbon.  Attached one to each side of the mask.  Make sure there is enough ribbon to comfortably tie the mask in place.

Elastic – Ues one piece of elastic.  Measure your elastic to make sure it will comfortably hold the mask in place once attached.  Attached one end of the elastic to one side of your mask and the other end to the opposite side.  Using either ribbon or elastic.


Repeat the process to make a matching mask for your OG Doll