Road Trip Scavenger Hunt! – Find It First.

Road Trip YAY!  So much fun!

Well, a road trip can sort of be fun.  It’s how we get to exciting new locations and start new adventures.

But if your finding it a little bit hard to still have fun during the road trip part of your text adventure, try this scavenger hunt style game.

Here’s how Anna, Bruno and their friends play Found It First!:

  1. Use two players or two teams.

  2. Make copies of the two lists to share. There’s a different list of objects to find for each player/team.

  3. When you see an object that’s on either of the lists, shout “Found it first!” If the object is on your own list (or your team’s list), you score two points. If it’s on the other player’s list (or the other team’s list), you score one point. Once an object is found, it gets crossed off the list and can’t be found by the other team.

  4. The team with the most points by the time you get to where you’re going wins!

Scavenger Hunt Person/Team 1

     1. a cloud that looks like a giraffe

     2. a barn

     3. a river

     4. a round bumper sticker

     5. a cornfield

     6. an ambulance

     7. a billboard

     8. a moving train

     9. a person wearing a bright yellow vest

     10. an antique (really really old) car

     11. roadworks

     12. a man with a beard

     13. a logging truck

     14. a hot air balloon

     15. five birds on a telephone wire

Scavenger Hunt Person/Team 2

     1. a cloud that looks like a duck

     2. a digger/tractor working in a field

     3. a car pulling a speedboat

     4. a funny bumper sticker

     5. an apple orchard

     6. a helicopter

     7. a “Baby on Board” car window sign

     8. a sign for a holiday event (eg: Easter Dig)

     9. a pink car

     10. a car with surfboards on the top

     11. a sunset

     12. a fancy hat

     13. a flag on a pole

     14. a statue

     15. a license plate that spells a word